Meet the face
behind the posts

Keanna Price is an everyday girl from Dallas, Texas.


She finds herself on the go being a mom of four kids, a wife to her loving husband and devoted friend. Being a busy mom, wife, and friend Keanna spends her day also working fulltime. Keanna grew up in a single parent household and was the oldest of three siblings.


As time passed from her busy childhood to the reckless teenage years, she began to look for validation and acceptance in all the wrong places. From skipping class, to falling for boys, and to the infamous girl gang fights. She found herself lost and abandoned by what only this world could give her... grief. 


So, she begin to spiritually fought for her life back.


She started to believe in something far beyond the clouds and  found herself made new in the love of Jesus Christ.


Keanna took her life experiences and did not allow them to break her but to truly find her true identity in God! 

Keanna now walks with a movement of women "shifting the narrative" starting with process. They are believing in God for promise while understanding their own process to overcome obstacles, to overcome oppression, and to overcome offense.


Everybody has their own journey, but there is only one path. 

She Believed He Could.

“Empowering women with clarity, courage, confidence, and community.” - Keanna Price